Friday, July 23, 2010

Life of a Cast member

So today is July 23rd I have been in Orlando, Florida for 4 days... and it feels like it has only been one... I can just tell how my whole 6 months are going to be like....

Alot of things I have done and seen with my eyes and heard with my ears I have experienced the unbelieveable durring this short time here. Even though many of these things I cannot share with the public but I can say this.. Its the simple things that have the biggest impact in others lives and those are the things that matter..

I have been over the top crazy busy since the day I got here... and a gained a new appreciation for my Nanna and moms cooking... I learned the hard way how bad my cooking is.. I will practice hard at making the best foods but right now.. its hard cause everything I cook.. tastes horrible lol mind you I ate the rest of that nasty spagetti tonight (yah thats right... I was able to find a way to ruin spagetti) tomorrow I can actually try cooking a decent meal.. maybe.. haha..

My job here at Walt Disney World is Merchandise and Operations/Attractions my first job is from now till October 10th I am placed in Magic Kingdom on Main Street East (you all know that song... Walking on main street USA yah I am working there... if you dont know what the heck I am talking about youtube that song Disney Main street USA and watch it...)

So far my journey has been exciting, busy, and hot!. I look forward to seeing my costume tomorrow and finding out which store I will be working at :)

Until next time


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