Friday, July 16, 2010

Been to long and I am sorry!

So I haven't really updated my posts.. its been almost the whole trip to California since I wrote on this blog I do appologise..

The last two weeks in Riverside, California have been good. Yes it has had its ups and downs but what person doesnt experience that... I definately felt what one of my teachers back in Canada said I would.. I have gone into first stage depression. According to research many if not all exchange students will suffer from whats call "three stages of depression". The first stage is I am not in my comfort zone, left all my loved ones, and everything to be expected doesnt happen.. I begin to become home sick... Stage one is me dealing with new surroundings and missing my old ones.. its totally correct.. California is beautiful and warm.. but not green and full of nature like most of British Columbia. I miss my friends, family and Nicholas.

Second stage of the "depression" is I get used to being in Orlando, Florida and I am set into my new routine, nothing to really worry about school has just started.. and then it hits me.. again.. I miss home.. but this time its harder.. because holidays are coming up and yes I (hopefully) will have made friends to celebrate them with... but not who I am used to.. I am in culture shock, its hot instead of freezing, the weather itself is different, I am doing what I do everyday.. so the question that taunts me is now what...

Lastly the third stage and apparently the hardest for all exchange students.. The week after I get home.. I want to go back. I am not used to my home town, the time change, I am not used to having certain things back again nor the snow.. which I know there will be.. the winter back home will be the worst winter I have ever had because of me living in 40s temperatures. It will take time to adjust and I know that I will be able to.. I look forward to coming home and at least with this stage I will have the people that love me around me..

My weeks have flown past me at a quickend pace which shows me how fast this journey will be.. on the days I have nothing to do I feel the days drag on an on.. but I only have four of those kind of days left.. Saturday, Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Monday is last day in California, and its busy busy, Tuesday is my day to fly and get house things for my appartment (my first independant home). I am looking forward to having this experience and I cant wait to meet my roomies.. I pray that they like me and that we can become friends :)

Today was my final exam for my two weeks course.. and it was supposed to be easy, and for the most part... it was. However there are strict rules... 73% is a proceed to Disney World.. and any less.... well you go home.. your time here was a well wasted expensive "educational vacation".. I feel stressed as I hate waiting for my fate to be decided either way.... I am going to Orlando.. I am pretty sure no one will get sent home but if anyone does I feel sad... all I have to say to us UCR students is that we have done our best and that we shall meet up in Orlando!!

Hows my health? sick....not really, it was today that I really started to feel sick.. I mean I had a cold or flu last week but it was today with the 85% humidity and the 43 degrees celcius that caused me to feel a little sick but nothing a nice weekend cant fix.. keeping as cool as I can even if it means indoor all day..

What time do I leave Tuesday? my airplane is the 6:55am United Airlines from LAX arriving at MCO at 2:55pm (11:55am Pacific time)

Do I miss you guys?? pssh no... JUST KIDDING!!! yes I do everday, but I know you guys are there for me whenever and wherever I am. Just like I am for you!

Will I actually keep posting on this or forget like last time? I would say I will but maybe not an everyday post.. all depends on the work load I definatley will be updating for sure to let you all know how I am and where I am at with school and work what my full role at Disney World is :)

Hugs and squishes hopes and wishes from me in Sunny California to back home to you guys in sunny Canada!


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