Sunday, July 4, 2010

Embarkment day!!

I would definately have to say that today was a long day........ Wake up call at 4:30am this morning catching the 5:30am shuttle to the YVR airport, checking my baggage and having to say see you later to my mom before going through security and customs... That was hard.. I tried hard not to cry cause I didnt want to cause her to cry even though it was pretty evident that she was about to.. I cried later so that it was a to myself sort of deal... Going through customs and security was interesting... I had to empty my carry on into a tray because I had a laptop... it was there they searched for drugs or harmful substances... I was like (in my thoughts) Yup you got me... I hid my crack in the mother board.... after my laptop was throughly inspected.. I had to remove my boyfriends sweater and my flippin flip flops... cause I would hide a knife in my flipflops.... haha they are silly people.. I am quite thankful that the metal detector did not go off cause I was wearing my jewlery and my bra contained metal underwiring.. I just remembered the flight from Comox to Vernon and the freakin metal detector went off... now the difference from YQQ and YVR is that when the metal detector went off in YQQ the swiped me with the bar and asked me if I had change I just could tell them no and that it was my bra... Now if it had beeped in YVR... I would have been searched... there was a scary looking guy waiting for me on the otherside I was scared for the "2 finger pick up"..... I was praying and it worked no beep and the guy smiled and told me to proceed to my gate... What a relief that was... haha only 2 more times with that worry haha maybe I just will wear a sports bra next time so I dont have to worry about that haha... My flight arrived 30 minutes early due to good weather conditions which was nice except for the fact that I had no idea where to go... LAX is HUGE!!!! I got laughed at when I went and asked where the customs office was from the baggage claim.. the international traveler aid was like you came on the AC550 flight from Vancouver right... and I was like yah... he said you should have already gone through customs.... and I was like oh... right... haha I was so tired and misinformed by the email I got from UCR about pick ups... Eventually our rides found us with there neon coloured signs.. they picked us up in this HUMONGUOS bus... there was 6 Candians on this 50 seat bus... hmmm makes me wonder who they where expecting to get off the planes... First time on a bus that size let me tell you.. We drive east of LA for about an hour on this drive we saw a biker gang chase.. pretty funny.. they where called the Los Angelas Hooligans and labled group was the Clowns haha pretty funny they where chasing this one biker who was showing off by doing stupid stunts on the freeway like pop a wheelys near our bus... after all that excitement we got to the Comfort Inn where we are staying for 2 weeks.... its nice and quaint my roomate and I are satisfied enough with the exception to the lousy internet connection... haha I had lunch at a greek food place and tried Taboule and really liked it... but have no idea what that herb was... parsley maybe.. it was delicious none the less.. now I am in the hotel waiting for 6:45pm to come so that I may walk to my supper at the college for 7pm I might stay after to watch the fire works which is at 8:30pm cause thats when it gets dark here.. I know right.. so early.. I would have to say today was long but well balanced I definatley miss home and everyone.. including my boyfriend Nicholas.. so weird not having him around I wont get used to it either... I miss the GREEN grass and trees but I know I will get used to the brown colours soon.. cause well I will be brown soon :) Nicholas better watch out and tan cause I am coming home dark haha :) well this is the end of my blogging for today... look forward to pictures when I learn how to put them up here.. and be on the look out for new posts MISS YOU GUYS!! Keep rocking the Canadian soil and the longer sunny hours... haha ~ Love Meaghan

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  1. hey hon... hope all is good down that way and your all settled in... have fun and play safe