Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Adventure continues!!!

Wow its been so long hahahaha, Today was such an awesome day! For those of you on my facebook you just got a taste of how great the day actually was..

Today I woke up at around 10:00am got the usual stuff done and then at 2:00pm I helped my friends Jenny and Kaity clean our Kitchen :) At 3:00pm I got on the A1 bus to Magic Kingdom and I was excited because I was going there to play and to gather my goodies (aka my hats and a watch :) ) So I went to "Le Chapeau" and picked up my hats I left at the store the other day, I decided to get names on them :) I went excitedly to the counter and asked to get my hats embroidered.. The Cast Member at the counter was like why are you so excited? I said this is my first hat like this so I am excited and she said that I was so excited she was going to do something magical for me.. I didnt have to pay for the names :) Even though I was a cast member myself she and a fellow cast member made my experience memorable :) I was having a pretty good start to my day!!!

Next I went to Uptown Jewlers and got my Watch for my moms Birthday asked a bunch of questions because I was sending it home soon and wanted to make sure I had a good watch not one that would break on her when she got it :) It has her favourite Charater on it and looks so cute!

I walked around Magic Kingdom went into "Ye ol Christmas Shoppe" and looked at potential presents to send home definately found several :) When I was done I was going to go home so I hopped onto a monorail and discovered that the one I got on was Epcot monorail, destination no where near where I wanted to go.. But I went with it I had been planning on going there anyways before I go home to Canada. So I went to Epcot. and OH BOY! I was in love at second sight. First sight was future world and I wasnt really into that it was all games and electronics. But World Show Case OMG!!! I went to France, Germany, Morrocco (where I met my FAVOURITE characters Princess Jasmine and Aladdin :) ) I went to Japan and saw an outside cart that was serving frozen treats. I walked over and there was a list of things to try but I chose the easiest one to say Kaki- Gori it turns out Kaki-Gori is shaved ice with fruit juice and toppings so I had a delicious Strawberry Kaki-Gori....

I got lost around Mexico so I turned around and headed for where I came in from I remember seeing Totem poles so I wallked over to them and it turns out that was the entrance for Canada! so I was like I have to see this.. I went into this 360 movie theatre and watched and toured Canada I felt relieved I saw Victoria and Buchard Gardens and I had a little homesick tear but that disapeared when I walked out of the theatre and into a walk way that looked like a Buchard Gardens sneak peak I found a maple tree and held a maple leaf then went right back to exploring, Finally I got on the Magic Kingdom monorail and got to the parking lot where my bus was I got home with a smile on my face and my bag of goodies.

In my room there was something on my wall behind my door and it was hopping towards my garbage can I was like what? so I went towards it with a shoe thinking it was a bug but nope a baby frog so CUTE it took effort to get it in my hands long enough to take it outside but I did it so cute and I would have been devistated if I stepped on the little one..

Overall REALLY GOOD day!! excited for the next time when I actually bring my Camera hahaha all that adventure and no photos to prove I had a good time :) the memories will forever be with me :)